Rest Days = Not Zone 3

Many riders can’t resist the urge to take their scheduled rest day. This is such an important area of a training plan. If you don’t rest you can’t be at your best. Simple. If there’s a 1 hour recovery ride scheduled for your rest day, then don’t do 3.

What normally happens is riders will either train above the suggested zones on their rest day or won’t do the recovery ride at all. You NEED to ride easy, it takes discipline. Don‘t be the guy who is worried about his mates seeing they had a low average speed on strava because they were going easy on their rest day. I swear this is an excuse I’ve heard before, and it’s crazy to think some people have this mentality. Chill out man, if you can’t go easy on your rest day then you can’t go 100% on the day when you need to. I see guys riding zone 3 and above on rest days and then not being able to hit their zones on the hard days because they didn’t recover right.


Graham O’ Brien

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