Strength & Conditioning

Our knowledge and experience in strength & conditioning can help you improve your cycling performance. It is becoming more evident within cycling how regular strength training can increase explosive cycling power (sprinting) among other neuromuscular benefits. Not only can strength training help you improve on your high-end power, it can also increase core stability, something which is key in cycling. With a weak core, you are using valuable energy and power that could be transferred directly to the pedals. 


Benefits of Strength Training For Cyclists

Core strength for stability and endurance

Corrects muscle imbalances

Improves your posture as a cyclist

Reduces likelihood of injury

Develops explosive power

How We Incorporate Strength Training into Your Programme

When a cyclist looks to begin strength training alongside their training on the bike, we ensure they are adequately prepared. Developing the fundamental movement patterns is key within the first weeks of strength training, that is if the client is not experienced in strength training. We then perform a strength test to identify the foundations for your strength training programme. 

Including strength training alongside your cycling training can be difficult if you are a busy individual. Therefore we maximise your time in the gym with effective well planned training sessions that match your goals. 


What's Included ?

Full strength analysis

Strength Training Programme With Exercises Explained

Strengths and Weaknesses Identified

Adaptability towards available equipment/facilities at your disposal

Block Testing to Identify Improvements